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One day, there was a child asked his mom,"My dear Mom, why are you crying?". His mother answered,"Because I'm only a woman my dear son..". "I don't understand", the child said. His mother only smiled and nestled his. "My dear, You will never understand..." After that, the child asked his father,"Dad, why mom's crying? I see she just cried without any reasons...". His father answered,"All woman just cry without any reasons". Only that words that his father can gave. So long then, the child grew up to be a teenager and still asked, why women crying?

One night, he dreamed and asked to the God,"Yaa Allah, why did women get easy to cry?"

In his dream, God answered,

"When I created women, I made it being the essential. I create the shoulder to be able to bate all world charges and its contents,although that shoulder must be comfortable and soft to bate a baby head that be gets asleep.

I gave woman forces for can pregnant and issue baby of its womb, although oftentimes too she will again and again accept abusal of her child.

I gave mighty to women who will make her regular withstands, prohibition gives up, while is everybody was desperate.

For women, I gave patient, to nurse their family, to love all their child, in whatever condition and deep situated. Although their children hurt their heart and their feel.

This feel too which will give warmth on babies that most doze bates to fall asleep. This touch is that will give convenience while we hugged softly by woman.

I gave woman one force to lead its husband, through difficult terms and as shieldings for its husband. Is that rib protects each heart in order not to most lacerated?

I gave wisdom and ability to women to give savvy and revive their husband, that good husband is husband that never wound his wife. Although her wisdom oftentimes that will test her each loyalty that given unto by husband, that standing regular, on a line, mutually completes and love each other.

Finally, I gave them tears to be able to lavish their feel. This is that special I give unto woman, to be able to been utilized whenever she wants. Just this is woman weakness, although actually, this tear is a life tears.

Therefore, we should hovers on mothers if she is still alive, because at mother foot we will find heaven.

(From KeeBook-Translated by ARIE_YONA)

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